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So many of us have had to change our diets recently - from avoiding gluten or cutting out dairy, adopting a paleo diet, avoiding soya or eating less refined sugar...the list goes on! Are you feeling a bit confused or at a loss with how to adapt your eating? Feeling sad because you may never be able to eat your favourite foods again? Want to talk to other people facing similar challenges? If so then why not come along to our monthly Nourish Food Group at Quay Place starting on Tuesday June 12th 18:00 - 20:00. Nourish Food Group has been set up by Ginny Davis (who has been sugar/wheat/gluten/dairy free for over 30 years!) of Juan Pablo Food to provide a safe and friendly meeting place for people to get together and share their food experiences, journeys, recipes and approaches.

Some months we will invite food specialists along to share their knowledge and therapies, and at other meetings just have a more informal session - maybe bring a dish along to share and just have a good chat. Please be aware that this is a peer support group and does not seek to offer any medical guidance or advice.

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