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Each month at Quay Place we have a different theme which relates to an emotional need.  Just as we have physical needs for food, drink, sleep and movement, we have emotional needs too which need to be met for us to stay well. May is all about achievement.

“The journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step – Chinese proverb.
Doesn’t it feel good when we are achieving things, big or small? The feeling that comes from being stretched and challenged has many benefits. Achievement is essential for good emotional health and tells us that we are growing. Achievement comes from being stretched – which is the opposite to being stressed. 
Achievement is the antidote to feelings of low self-worth and helps to give us balanced self-esteem. Once we have mastered a skill, the knowledge that we have done so can never be taken away from us. Achievement gives us a sense that we have the competence to handle life when it becomes challenging.
This month we’ll be celebrating your achievements and looking at steps you can take, big and small, to secure good emotional health.”

We hope you will join us for this event and other events and activities at Quay place too.  For all our current events and activities for this month click here to see the leaflet.

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