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Come and draw in the Quay.

Do you enjoy drawing? It is fun, relaxing, and helps in developing a feeling of wellness. Colours and shapes are well known to promote emotion in both artists and viewers.

Paper, feltpens and pencils are available at the Church and you can drop by and use them when you like. You can draw the building, people around you, or anything else that you want. There are mirrors you can look in if you want to draw yourself, or get a new view of the building.

We would ask that any work you do you leave with us so we can show it on our display.

There are also drawing tables for children and also colouring books and line pictures to complete.

Paul will be around some of the time if you want to talk about his or others work already on display at the Quay or your own experience and interpretations.

Paul is an experienced artist who started in sculpture at Colchester Art School and then Silversmithing in Birmingham. He now works in Acrylics and watercolour. His work is represented in several East Anglian Galleries and he has held a number of successful solo exhibitions and won several prizes and awards for his work. Paul is a presenter and demonstrator to art clubs and societies and is an art tutor with Ipswich Institute.

Paul can usually be found at Quay Place on Friday mornings between 10.30am to 1.00pm 

Please note that Paul will not be at Quay Place on Friday the 14th April 2017