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Penny Parks

Penny Parks

Penny Parks is a trainer, author, life & health coach and motivational speaker. She is also a psychotherapist who pioneered and developed the first comprehensive ‘inner child’ therapy model. Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) is a structured, systematic approach encompassing imagery rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring to establish new neural pathways, gently producing profound, rapid and lasting change – full resolution. PICT was developed to address childhood abuse issues, but has been found it to be equally effective for a wide variety of emotional problems.

Penny is a gifted communicator acclaimed for enhancing participant’s self-confidence, motivation, inspiration and creativity. She presents Masterclass seminars for professional and personal development that are renowned for humour, high-energy and life-changing impact.

Semi-retired, she now only offers clients the intensive PICT Quick Change format – five consecutive days, four hours per day; plus, public workshops and lectures. Many of her clients come from abroad.

She is the author of two popular therapeutic books, Rescuing the Inner Child, Souvenir Press (1990) and The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy, Souvenir Press (1994) – both have remained in re-print since publication. Over the years, she has been Patron of five charities – currently she is Patron of IMARA, an organisation working with children and adults in Nottingham (the two founders having received an OBE for their work). She is a Fellow member of both the National Council of Psychotherapy and the National Counselling Society.

Mrs Parks is an American, with British citizenship, who has lived in the UK since 1982. She is married and lives in Suffolk where she is also known as a jazz/blues vocalist.

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