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Lindsay Nicholas

Lindsay Nicholas

The key difference between biodynamic massage and other massage therapies is, I think, attunement. Biodynamic massage is very much contact-led and therapists, although they have a number of techniques at the ready, will aim to meet you through touch, to contact the person, not just the body. In a sense, you could experience biodynamic massage as a half-way house between psychotherapy and massage. 

As practitioners, we are also interested in the connection between repressed emotions/energy and physical health and work with a range of symptoms which may have an emotionally-based aspect.

Emotional processing involves the whole body not just the mind. Recent developments in neuroscience have included increased awareness in the role of the gut, particularly of its vast neural connectivity (as extensive as in the brain). Biodynamic therapists use a stethoscope to listen for tummy rumblings (this might sound strange! We call this psychoperistalsis). These sounds can indicate a winding down in the autonomic nervous system, an indication of emotional digestion and discharge.

Biodynamic massage is also suitable for those who are feeling stressed, fragile, fragmented or shut-down and are looking for a highly attuned and sensitive massage therapist. I work with people who are open, curious and committed in their search for a more embodied awareness of themselves and their problems. It is often slow and subtle work using conversation and touch, but can reap great rewards.

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