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Joanne Powley Joanne Powley

Joanne Powley

I truly believe in Pilates and the difference it can make to your life. I have a very bad back but won't bore you with the details! I started yoga in my early 20’s to keep me flexible but as I aged, and my back deteriorated, I felt I needed more. 16 years ago a Pilates instructor began teaching at a gym I was working at in Cape Town...... AND I WAS INSTANTLY HOOKED. I could not believe what a difference it made to how I felt, how I looked, but also what a physically challenging workout it was .

Pilates is a slow burn and doesn’t show instant results and that’s OK. To become skilled at Pilates requires time and practice, but you will get results. It has enabled me to maintain a level of fitness that no other form of exercise could achieve. I'm still very active and I use Pilates as pain relief on days when my back hates me.

Each instructor takes an individual view on how Pilates is taught and this is great! We all follow the fundamentals but the exciting developments in the industry are born out of these interpretations which keeps it fresh. Especially for Quay Place, I have developed Mindfulness Pilates™ 6-week programme for mixed ability mat work connecting mind and body in an holistic workout.

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