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Caroline Charles

Caroline Charles

Authentic Human: Counselling

Counselling can be a place to let go of the carefully presented story we tell the world and be unedited and unfiltered. In collaboration, you will begin to work through what is most pressing for you, feelings, thoughts, memories, sensations, dreams and fantasies. We will reflect on what emerges between us, making meaning in context of your unique history, culture, sexuality and personality. 

I believe that people have the capacity to change aspects of their lives that are not working well. Change may include addressing problematic feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and/or patterns that leave many feeling dissatisfied. Or change may involve learning to cope with the unpredictable and often overwhelming challenges life presents. This process is often difficult, but you might come to know that it is possible to perceive what has been a problem for you in a new way. And my hope is that your life will become an authentic expression of who you are. 

Areas of counselling I work with:

Wanting to know yourself better
Feeling empty, creatively unfulfilled, or in despair
Difficulties with relationship forming
Self-defeating patterns
Low mood after childbirth
Intimacy and Sexuality
Grief and Bereavement
Partner or family conflict
Recovery from violence, abuse, and other trauma
Shame and self consciousness
career and ambition
Living with chronic medical illness 
Coping with change
Disordered eating (including obesity)

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