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Michelle Paterson

Michelle Paterson


Life can be tough. We are all on a journey. The starting point to leading a fulfilling life is feeling well; physically, mentally and spiritually. No matter what your age or circumstances, the better your energy, strength and vitality, the more you can hope to achieve in life; the closer you move towards realising your dreams and aspirations.

With improved health, we can all maximise our opportunities for growth and fun!

Nutritional Therapy can help. I work with individuals who are struggling through their busy lives, trying to do their best despite feeling unwell. Commonly, my clients complain they are lacking energy, feeling like their hormones are ‘out of control’, experiencing digestive symptoms and feeling low or anxious. I support people to make changes using diet, supplements and lifestyle interventions to bring the body back into balance with the aim of optimising health.

I can offer you a free 15 minute taster consultation by telephone. The purpose of the session is to discuss what you are hoping to achieve. I can advise whether Nutritional Therapy may be suitable for your needs and tell you more about the services I provide.

Contact details:            07419 171943      

‘I initially visited Michelle about my persistent low mood, lack of energy and my reports of “never feeling well”……..Michelle makes you feel very comfortable….her suggestions have helped me to gain greater control over my health and mood’

VL, aged 45, Colchester.