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Carolyn Turner

Carolyn Turner

Are you experiencing a difficult feeling such as anger, confusion, guilt, stress, panic, anxiety, depression or a sense of loss? Or perhaps things may not feel right in your life at the moment, and you cannot pinpoint why. Or maybe an important relationship feels in crisis?

Talking confidentially with an experienced and accepting counsellor can provide a really helpful space to reflect and work through your situation.

Counselling is an opportunity you might like to take - to set down the load of whatever is troubling you, and for us both to explore it together.

I offer a compassionate, non-judgemental and safe space for my clients. I bring my true self into my counselling, so whilst maintaining professional boundaries and ethics, I am able to connect with my clients on a warm, human level.

I aim to help clients gain a greater awareness of the burdens they carry, and indeed, to recognise their strengths and self-worth. Often with deeper understanding and acceptance comes the potential for change. I can meet with you for an initial assessment session, to decide between us if counselling feels right for you. If we decide to proceed, I usually suggest a review after 6 sessions, and then further sessions with 6 weekly reviews as required.

Contact me today for a no-obligations chat about how counselling can help you:

Call 07961 593219 (confidential voicemail can be left if I'm not available), or