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Belinda Shave

Belinda Shave

I myself began meditating several years ago as a strategy to deal with chronic pain. I was fairly soon able to benefit from the greater sense of peace that it brings. This has deepened over time.

As a teacher of many years in different contexts, my own experience of mindfulness meditation lead to a deepening curiosity as to the benefits of the practice and a wish to pass this on to others (having trained at the Mindfulness Training Institute and become a member of the International Mindfulness Teacher’).

This six week course explores the ‘four foundations of mindfulness’ through a blend of theoretical input and practical discovery. Participation in the process of this instils and strengthens our ability to come back to ourselves and the moment we are in, again and again. In doing so allows space around relationship to thoughts and feelings rather than feeling controlled by their automatic nature. With repeated practice this becomes increasingly available and we are better able to approach daily life with less reactivity. Each session contains strong emphasis on the Buddhist foundations form which the practice emanates.

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