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Angela McLellan

Angela McLellan

Sex and Relationship Therapist

I am an experienced Integrative Psychotherapist and Mental Health Professional specialising in Sex and Relationships. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Integrative Counselling and postgraduate qualifications in Couples Therapy and Integrative Psychosexual Therapy. I am passionate about support and I believe that wellbeing is fundamental. 

I can help you talk through, explore and resolve any issues around your sensual self, sexuality, sexual violence, gender, shame, and sexual health either with a partner, partners or as an individual. I am experienced in helping clients work through relationship difficulties including communication, lack of desire, orgasm and arousal difficulties, and intimacy.  I am respectful and accepting of all gender, sexual and relationship diversities and am LGBTQI positive. The issues you bring to the room are discussed sensitively and worked through with encouragement, knowledge, and understanding. Any sexually specific tasks will be set as homework and never performed during a therapy meeting.

I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns. You can contact me directly through or at If you prefer to call please use 07492 729299 and leave me a message which I will respond to.

Angela McLellan BA MBACP (Reg)